1 2 & 3 John Evangelical Exegetical Commentary


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1 2 & 3 John Evangelical Exegetical Commentary

1 2 & 3 John Evangelical Exegetical Commentary
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The three epistles of John, the beloved apostle, urge the church to love one another as God has loved them. Gary Dickerson shows how these works provide encouragement for believers and warn against the rise of false teachers. Being careful to avoid speculative theories, Dickerson focuses on John's pastoral concerns. He examines the Greek text in detail, interacting with the most recent scholarship, and he presents the message of these epistles for the benefit of believers everywhere.

About the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary Series

The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series incorporates the latest in critical biblical scholarship and is written from a distinctly evangelical perspective. Each comprehensive volume offers an original translation and addresses biblical theology and application for each passage.

Publication Date: 
October 22, 2014