All Majesty & Power an Anthology of Royal Prayers


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All Majesty & Power an Anthology of Royal Prayers

All Majesty & Power an Anthology of Royal Prayers
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The task of praying for rulers and those in positions of authority isgiven particular importance in the New Testament. By gathering togetherexamples of royal prayer from throughout history, this uniqueanthology shows how this Christian duty is best accomplished.

"All Majesty and Power presents for the first time in one place agreat range of royal prayers both ancient and modern. The book firstselects prayers that were used by the early Christians and accepted aspart of official church liturgy. The book then proceeds down the ages, collecting prayers in various styles until arriving at recent compositions, such as the coronation rite used in Westminster Abbey. Alongsidethese prayers for royalty is a unique compendium, stretching over onethousand years, of prayers actually written and prayed "by kings andqueens, including, most recently, a text by the Duke of Edinburgh.

Including an original historical (sometimes curious and occasionallyhumorous) introduction by Donald Gray, this volume displays afascinating slice of Christian spirituality through the centuries.

Publication Date: 
July 26, 2002