Beauty & Glory of the Reformation


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Beauty & Glory of the Reformation

Beauty & Glory of the Reformation
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Through these studies, you will be challenged to treasure basic Reformation principles such as Scripture alone, Christ alone, and the glory of God alone, as well as to grow in awareness of what amazing spiritual mentors and models of godliness a variety of Reformation stalwarts were and what they can still teach us today. These include Martin Luther, William Tyndale, Hugh Latimer, and William Perkins;lesser-known pastors in Geneva;and women such as Katherine Luther, Katharina Zell, Anna Bullinger, Katherine Willoughby, and Catherine de Bourbon. You will also discover the reformers commitment to propagate the gospel to all nations and the riches of the Reformation view of missions.

Finally, you will be treated to insightful essays on Augustine as an important backdrop to the Reformation and on the beauty and glory of the Christology of the Reformation. The authors pray that these essays will help you increasingly become genuine sons and daughters of the Reformation by following the Reformers' lives and teachings insofar as they followed the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bright Lights in the History of the Reformation
1. William Tyndale and Sola Scriptura--Michael Haykin
2. "Meat, not Strawberries" Hugh Latimer and Biblical Preaching in the English Reformation--Michael Haykin
3. The Reformers' Commitment to the Propagation of the Gospel to All Nations: A Historical Consideration--Elias Medeiros
4. Lessons for Today from Less Known Reformers: The Company of Pastors in Geneva--William VanDoodewaard
The Experiential Flame of the Reformation
5. Soli Deo Gloria: Why There Was a Reformation (Romans 11:36)--Ian Hamilton
6. Solus Christus: The Preaching That Defined the Reformation--Ian Hamilton
The Practical Lessons of the Reformation for Today
7. What Augustine Teaches Us Today--Carl Trueman
8. What Luther Teaches Us Today: Theology of Preaching--Carl Trueman
9. What William Perkins Teaches Us Today--Joel R. Beeke and Andrew Ballitch
10. Learning from Women of the Reformation--Rebecca VanDoodewaard
11. What the Christology of the Reformation Teaches Us Today--Stephen Myers
12. Missions: What Have We Learned from the Reformers--Elias Medeiros
Publication Date: 
July 25, 2018