Being a Proverbial Student Getting a Degree versus Getting an Education


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Being a Proverbial Student Getting a Degree versus Getting an Education

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A proverbial student is interested in gaining an education rather than simply pursuing a degree. Even a quick scan of Proverbs and shows how God is more interested in a student's pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom than easy courses, convenient times, grades, majors, and careers.

Becoming proverbial students requires God remolding minds from within and is difficult because the world is squeezing students, including Christian students, into a degree mold rather than a knowledge, understanding, and wisdom mold. To begin the process, students are encouraged to be curious about ideas.

The concepts of context, free will, determinism, and decision-making are used to get students to think beyond memorization. They are encouraged to see the fun and the importance of thinking in order to become knowledgeable, understanding, and wise. Students are shown the importance of the process for many academic disciplines, for the church, for an understanding of one's faith, and for life in general. Upon graduation, a proverbial student should understanding the distinction between a graduation and a commencement ceremony. Students are encouraged to adopt a lifelong attitude of learning, of stewardship, of dialog, and of having an examined life.

Parents and other support groups are understandably concerned about preparing Christian students for the temptations of university life. Many books are written, and extensive advice is given, to prepare for campus living. However, the academic preparation for Christian students is often ignored or, at best, underrepresented. A quick scan of the book of Proverbs makes it clear: God intends a student to be interested in wisdom.

Drawing from more than 35 years of experience, author Jeral Williams presents several fun ideas that can lead students into the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Publication Date: 
March 7, 2019