Blessed Are the Balanced


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Blessed Are the Balanced

Blessed Are the Balanced
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A handbook to help seminarians grow in love for God as they study

Theological education can cool your love for the Lord. It's sad but true. Learning that is not fully integrated into your daily life and patterns of living can lead to spiritual detachment. On the other hand, theological studies that are properly processed over time (with sufficient time for reflection and service) can aid your loving service toward God and others. As you enter into a theological program (seminary, divinity school, or other graduate studies), make a plan to help you balance the head knowledge with heart patterns.

With seasoned advice from seminary veterans, discussions include such pressing questions as, "Is seminary still relevant for today?" and "How are today's Christian leaders really being formed?" This helpful resource also considers the potential danger of doing seminary 100 percent online. Blessed Are the Balanced will guide you as you learn to pursue both scholarship and the Kingdom.

Publication Date: 
March 3, 2014