Christian Leadership


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Christian Leadership

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The bedrock grounding of church leaders is in God. This grounding comes through deliberate and explicit attention to God through prayer and self-reflection. Leadership as vocation, Christian leadership, begins with self-leadership, clarifying one's own heart, one's whole being, and one's mind in order to find and show that one's most basic identity and deepest and most concrete security lie in God--not in success or in pleasing someone else or in being seen as a good person or being loved by a congregation or the faith community we lead.

Contents includes:

  • The Vocation of Leadership
  • The Shape of Our Vocation
  • Lessons From the Saints
  • What is Good Ministry?
  • The Persons We Are and the Institutions We Serve
  • The Preacher and Preaching
  • Taking Care of Ourselves in the Everyday
  • Time: It's Ours to Receive, Use, and Manage
  • Staying Alive All Our Ministry Life
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    Publication Date: 
    February 5, 2019