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Comforts From the Cross OP!!!!

Comforts From the Cross OP!!!!
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Daily comforts from the gospel of Christ provide busyChristian women with brief but deep reminders of how his truthspowerfully connect to their daily lives.

Nothing comforts a woman's soul more than a fully understood andembraced gospel. But many women aren't finding solace in theirrelationship with Christ because they don't see how his life, death, and resurrection connect with soccer practices and swimlessons. Besides, they just don't have time to sit down and read atheology book, no matter how much they might hunger for God'struths.

That's where Elyse Fitzpatrick's latest book comes in.Comforts from the Cross provides those well-intentionedwomen with bite-sized readings to remind them of their place inChrist and of his love and ministry in their busy lives. It alsodusts off the facts of the gospel to show how ancient truths suchas justification, sanctification, and redemption can free andenliven their souls every day. Even more, these five-minutecelebrations of the gospel relieve readers of legalisticcondemnation and empower them for joyful obedience by engenderingfresh love for the Savior.

A perfect choice for gift-giving or personal encouragement, Fitzpatrick's book helps active women grasp the practicality of thegospel message and experience its deep comforts.

Publication Date: 
March 1, 2009