English Grammar to Ace Biblical Hebrew


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English Grammar to Ace Biblical Hebrew

English Grammar to Ace Biblical Hebrew
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Enables students of biblical Hebrew to grasp the basic concepts of English grammar so that they can transfer those concepts to Hebrew.

One of the biggest hurdles students encounter while learning biblical languages is that they've forgotten the English grammar and terminology they were taught a long time ago (if they were taught it at all). Concepts like verb tense and voice, relative pronouns, antecedents, and adjectival substantives, may sound like familiar terms but seem foreign when it's time to put them into practice.

English Grammar to Ace Biblical Hebrew reacquaints students and ministry leaders alike with the necessary English grammar in this concise and easy-to-read format, which includes:

  • Chapter-end exercises.
  • Tips for studying Hebrew.
  • A glossary of terms.
  • A list of additional Hebrew resources for further learning.
  • Exhaustive in scope, this is also a great resource to grab for specific reference points so you can spend time focusing on learning Hebrew and applying your learning to exegesis and biblical study.

    This book is a companion to English Grammar to Ace New Testament Greek by Samuel Lamerson.

    Publication Date: 
    April 12, 2010