Freedom of a Christian


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Freedom of a Christian

Freedom of a Christian
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Perhaps no work of Martin Luther's so captures the revolutionary zeal and theological boldness of his vision as The Freedom of a Christian. Yet, it is not easily accessible today. Mark Tranvik's new translation of Luther's treatise brings alive the social, historical, and ecclesial context of Luther's treatise.

Key Features:

An informative Introduction that lays out the context of Luther's writing

A modern, student-friendly translation of the text of Luther's Letter to Pope Leo X and The Freedom of a Christian

Frequent headings to guide the student's reading and comprehension

Student-oriented notes to explain theological controversies and terms

A glossary of key theological and ecclesial terms

A map of Reformation Europe in the 16th Century

Ten black and white illustrations

A short "For Further Reading" list

This is the first of a set of student guides to key Reformation treatises by Martin Luther, concentrating on those most widely used in college settings.

Publication Date: 
September 1, 2008
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