He Reads Truth Genesis Legacy Book


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He Reads Truth Genesis Legacy Book

He Reads Truth Genesis Legacy Book
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The Genesis Legacy Book is designed to be used as a study companion to the daily written responses found exclusively on the He Reads Truth site, app, or via email subscription, but it can also be used as a stand-alone resource to guide you through an independent reading of Genesis.

The Genesis Legacy Book includes:

  • Entire book of Genesis divided into daily readings, with supplemental scriptures to help you grasp the meaning and biblical context of the passage.
  • 5 questions to trigger deeper interaction with Truth + space for personal reflection and notes.
  • The Legacy Series provides a theme verse for each book of the Bible. As you memorize these 66 verses over the years, you will be committing to memory the thematic arc of the Bible as a whole.
  • A prayer card displaying the theme verse for Genesis and icon for personal prayer time or to display in your home, workspace, car, or anywhere you need a prompt to pray.
  • 4 Scripture Cards designed for memorization and sharing.