Idols of a Mothers Heart


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Idols of a Mothers Heart

Idols of a Mothers Heart
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Even good things can become idols if we give them central importance in our lives. Having children changes everything, and as mothers, we risk looking for life, purpose and meaning in motherhood. While being a mother brings its unique set of challenges, these years of raising children and helping them grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord provide an opportunity to grow in our own Christlikeness as well.

Writing from her own personal experience as a mom, Christina Fox encourages mothers to prayerfully and thoughtfully examine their own hearts, and to let God use motherhood as a means of sanctification.

Split into three sections, the first chapter looks at the meaning motherhood; chapters 2-4 are about idolatry; chapters 5-9 focus on a few different idols that mothers might worship (not an exhaustive list, but a common few); and the final chapters are about facing idols, dethroning them, and turning our heart back to the One true God.

Chapter titles include:

Part I

1. The Sanctifying Work of Motherhood

2. Made for Worship

3. What is Idolatry?

4. Identifying Idols in Our Lives

Part II

5. The Idol of Children

6. The Idol of Achievement and Success

7. The Idol of Comfort

8. The Idol of Control

9. The Idol of Approval

Part III

10. Turning from Our Idols

11. Turning to Christ

Publication Date: 
October 5, 2018