JOB 38-42 WBC OP!


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JOB 38-42 WBC OP!

JOB 38-42 WBC OP!
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Complete the Old Testament series of the Word Biblical Commentary with Dr. David Clines monumental study of Job.Volume 18B is devoted entirely to the response of the Lord from the tempest to Job, together with the replies of Job (Job 38 42), presenting the Lord's own explanation of his manifold purposes in creation and bringing to an unexpected conclusion Job's dramatic quest for justice.
Difficult portions of the Hebrew text are thoroughly handled, but the commentary is written for the non-technical reader and scholar alike. Clinesuncovers the driving force of the argument and the drama of the book. The Explanation sectionsat the end of each chapter brilliantly summarize the views of the speakers and offer thoughtful reflections on their theological value.
The volume concludes with a unique 250-page bibliography of virtually everything that has been written about the Book of Job, including its influence on art, music and literature.

Features include: Complete new translation and verse by verse commentary on the Book of Job, in constant dialogue with other commentators Extensive scholarly notes on the Hebrew text of the book and its many obscure terms Unparalleled bibliography gives sweeping coverage of all aspects of the Book of Job from scholarly books to art, literature, and music "

Publication Date: 
November 22, 2011