Job Great Lives Series


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Job Great Lives Series

Job Great Lives Series
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Bestselling author Charles Swindoll challenges us to take a closer look at Job's life, carefully examining his response to the unexpected and painful experiences that assaulted his once peaceful and God-honoring existence--and we might just find that Job is a hero after all.

When you think of Job, you may think of a hapless victim of unfair treatment. His disastrous circumstances overwhelmed him, his so-called friends belittled him, and his distraught wife discouraged and abandoned him. Even God seemed to desert him. At first glance, Job may not seem like the traditional portrait of a hero, but Job's patience, strength, and dedication in the face of unforeseen suffering makes his story worth knowing.

As Swindoll traces Job's life and legacy, he challenges us to apply the lessons Job learned firsthand to our own lives, including the importance of:

  • Maintaining integrity no matter what happens
  • Accepting the challenge to change
  • Counting on the justice of the Lord to roll down in his time instead of seeking revenge
  • Resting contentedly in God's plan, timing, and purpose for you
  • We have no way of knowing what tomorrow may bring, but if it is anything like the past, we know that storms will always come. And when they do we have a choice--to react in bitterness and anger or fall to our knees like Job and trust God even though we cannot understand why he would permit such a thing to occur.

    Publication Date: 
    June 29, 2009