Living Above the Level of Mediocrity


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Living Above the Level of Mediocrity

Living Above the Level of Mediocrity
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In this book on excellence Chuck Swindoll?"America's foremost applicator of Scripture to daily life"?boldly tackles the difficult problems of self-discipline, laziness, and our tendency to accept less of life than we deserve.

"Perhaps his best book . . . both a challenge to easy living and a blueprint for breaking out of patterns of mediocrity. . . . One of the most helpful aspects of this book is Swindoll's ability to distinguish between striving for excellence and the modern-day philosophies of success." ?Today's Christian Woman

"Living Above the Level of Mediocrity epitomizes what has lifted the author above the average. The book itself aims high and reaches its goal through keen thinking and hard work." ?Moody Monthly

"Swindoll combines interesting, insightful Bible exposition with the storyteller's ability to make an anecdote live. Throughout the book he weaves briefs about the eagle, a bird he holds up as an example of the pursuit of excellence. He writes devotionally, giving you constant food for thought." ?Eternity

Publication Date: 
November 15, 1989