Mary: What the Bible Really Says


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Mary: What the Bible Really Says

Mary: What the Bible Really Says
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Christian are divided over what to think of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Some exalt and venerate her to the extent that she seems to transcend humanity. Crowds gather wherever people claim to have seen a mystical appearance of Mary.

On the other hand, others reject such a high view of Mary and instead neglect her. For many uninterested in looking seriously at her life or character, Mary is little more than a figurine in the Nativity set that is dusted off each year and quickly put away. Yet how can we simply ignore her when the Bible says so much about her godliness and obedience?

This book provides a balanced, true picture of Mary -- a portrait drawn from Scripture with both the overlay of tradition and the dust of neglect removed. Where needed, there are correctives to historical church teaching, but the focus is the clear light of Scripture.

Be prepared to have your own life changed. God is still seeking men and women like Mary who will be obedient to his call.

Publication Date: 
March 1, 1998