Modern Theologians Reader


Modern Theologians Reader

Modern Theologians Reader

The Modern Theologians: An Introduction to Christian Theology Since 1918, 3rd Edition

This popular text has been updated to ensure that it continues to provide a current and comprehensive overview of the main Christian theologies of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

  • Each chapter is written by a leading theologian and gives a clear picture of a particular movement, topic or individual.
  • New and updated treatments of topics covered in earlier editions, with over half the chapters new to this edition or revised by new authors.
  • New section singling out six classic theologians of the twentieth century.
  • Expanded treatment of the natural sciences, gender, Roman Catholic theology since Vatican II, and African, Asian and Evangelical theologies.
  • Completely new chapters on spirituality, pastoral theology, philosophical theology, postcolonial biblical interpretation, Pentecostal theology, Islam and Christian theology, Buddhism and Christian theology, and theology and film.
  • As in previous editions, the text opens with a full introduction to modern theology.
  • Epilogue discussing the present situation and prospects of Christian theology in the twenty-first century.
  • The Modern Theologians Reader

    The Modern Theologians Reader is an outstanding selection of the key writings in modern theology, with each extract introduced and annotated to support student learning.

  • A unique stand-alone text which can also be used alongside the highly successful textbook, The Modern Theologians
  • Features introductory notes and annotations with each extract to help students understand the relevance and importance of the reading
  • Includes selections from major 20th-century theologians and theological movements, and texts on Christian theology's relation to science, globalization, and other faiths such as Buddhism and Judaism
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    January 1, 1900