Mothers Prayer NR


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Mothers Prayer NR

Mothers Prayer NR
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Prayers paired with meaning scripture passages designed to encourage every mother

Every mother needs encouragement every now and then! In "A Mother's Prayer, "moms will be uplifted by brief prayers combined with Scripture selections that speak to mothers of all ages and circumstances. When a mother combines prayer with God's Word, she can handle the unique challenges of motherhood with joy and discernment. A variety of topics include:

ComfortMercyGraceJoyRestorationAnd more . . .

These topics will show mothers the value of their role and how to guide their family in knowing and loving Christ. This book is a valuable resource for helping moms be the women of God they need to be for their families, and for nurturing their own relationship with their heavenly Father.

Trim Size: 4 x 6

Publication Date: 
February 22, 2014