Motivational Prayers for Men


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Motivational Prayers for Men

Motivational Prayers for Men
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Become Empowered Through Prayer

Do you know God wants to hear from you? And there is nothing more powerful than prayer to help you grow closer to Him.

In Motivational Prayers for Men, Dr. Tony Evans equips you to approach God with confidence and assurance. Whether you are seeking direction, pursuing wisdom, or searching for peace, Scripture says, "Nothing is impossible with God" (Luke 1:37). Here, Dr. Evans offers more than 60 topical prayers and motivational thoughts for every area of your life. You'll grow as you make it a habit to talk to God about your...

  • health
  • financial wisdom
  • relationships
  • purpose
  • trials
  • protection
  • Find hope, renew your strength, increase your faith, and allow God to build you up in prayer.

    Publication Date: 
    April 2, 2019