New Doors in Ministry to Women


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New Doors in Ministry to Women

New Doors in Ministry to Women
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Women thirst for intimacy and long for meaningful activity. They often come into churches looking for truth, relevance, and relationships--three things that a healthy women's ministry can provide if it is centered around genuine study of the Word of God, the place where successful transformation begins.

The authors offer a new model--the Transformation Model--for women's ministry that adapts to and addresses the needs of women unique to the postmodern church. The model helps churches define their purpose in women's ministry, refine their focus, and minister to women at all stages of life.

Since the heart of the model is Bible study, the Transformation Model works equally well in the church, on campuses, and on the mission field. The book provides practical suggestions for implementing this model in a variety of venues, and includes topics such as how to evaluate women's needs, choose a team of leaders, select or write a Bible study, run a board meeting, and survive conflict.

Throughout the book are profiles of women who have led the way in applying the Transformation Model in their settings. These "Pioneer Profiles" include women who serve in the church, on school campuses, and around the world. Many of them are still in the trenches of ministry, and their experiences lend an immediate authenticity to life-changing women's ministries.

Publication Date: 
January 10, 2003