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Fifteen top-rated professors from twelve leading Christian colleges and universities have collaborated to write this succinct, accessible New Testament survey. Unlike similar entry-level textbooks, all the contributors teach undergraduate students and understand their culture. Introductory issues (Who? When? Where? Why?) are condensed to a one-page snapshot of all the most pertinent information. In addition, more than one hundred applications are highlighted in sidebars to clarify how the New Testament authors might apply their writings to Christians living in the twenty-first century. The book's uncomplicated structure and creative format make it a perfect tool for Christian education programs in the church and college New Testament courses.

Praise for What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About:

"I have been using What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About for a full year and have had better response from my university students to this text than any I have used in the past two decades. The question is not whether a text covers everything that I as a Ph.D. In New Testament think should be covered in a survey of the New Testament. Rather, the question is whether such a text covers well and compellingly what can be covered well in a freshman-level class full of students who need to be drawn into a deeper interaction with God's Word. My survey students find the format of this text readable and the content helpful. I highly recommend it."

George H. Guthrie, Union University

"One of the challenges of teaching NT survey courses for general university students is striking the balance between giving them too much information, so that they are overwhelmed, and leaving them with too little, so that they are not stretched. This challenge is epitomized by the choice of text that is used. The great value of What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About is that the editors and authors have thought deeply about this issue, resulting in a volume that succeeds in finding that balance. Based on the confirmation that I have already received from students, I anticipate using this text to great benefit in my survey classes for years to come."

Jonathan Lunde, Biola University

"What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About is unique in that it is written by college professors for college students. Customarily college texts are written by seminary professors. While I have nothing against seminary profs, there is a world of difference between the two settings. This text gets right to the point and highlights the most important content for the target audience. The presentation is clear and attractive and the result is that students have a resource that meets them at their level and leads them to a much deeper understanding of God's Word."

Scott Duvall Ouachita Baptist University

"This book is helpful, informative, and accessible to undergraduates for whom the bottom line generally is, "What's the bottom line]" It contains a good balance between content summary and relevant historical background information to bring the New Testament documents to life. It would make a great text for a one semester New Testament survey course."

Günther H. Juncker, Toccoa Falls College

"While teaching Freshman New Testament Survey courses for more than thirty years, I have been constantly looking for a textbook that will be suitable for these Freshman courses. The book What the New Testament Authors Really Cared About has been the best textbook to meet that need."

Julio C. Vena, Toccoa Falls College

Publication Date: 
November 1, 2004